Business research was never this easy.

Accurate and up-to-date company information is of vital importance to business development and sales managers, marketers, merger and acquisition specialists and consultants. Whether you want to explore new markets and discover valuable prospects, access detailed financial reports, find out a company's parent and/or subsidiaries or learn who the executives and directors are in the company of your interest: Nexis®  has got you covered.

How Nexis® works

Search what you need when you need it
Nexis offers you the flexibility to create both simple and complex information searches. Targeted results are just a few clicks away.

Get clear results from trusted sources
Review your search results in the clear and easy-to-use search forms. Results come from over 200 million companies, out of more than 1,100 industries.

Comprehensive findings for clear reporting
Thanks to Nexis and its growing collection of indexed web sources, full-text news articles and deep archives, you were able to search and review all the issues. Now your report will be detailed and more clear as to the issues surrounding the topic.

Who benefits from Nexis?
Nexis' vast number of sources, intuitive navigation and advanced search and reporting capabillities make it an ideal and cost-effective solution for:

  • Business analysis
  • Finance and strategy updates
  • Marketing
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Sales
  • Business development
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